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Our Use of Cookies

Team Netsol does not set any cookies directly on our site. Cookies are small files stored on your computer by websites you which contain small pieces of data typically used for enabling online services (such as websites that allow you to "log in"). If you would like more information about cookies, including how to disable them, the Directgov website has a guide on how to manage cookies.

Restricting the usage of cookies in your browser will not impair your ability to use our website in any way.

When you visit our site, we don't keep any of your details without explicitly asking for your consent or track you through cookies in any way. For more information, please view our full privacy policy.

Cookies Used by Third Parties

We partner with two third party organisations to improve our website service; Google and GoSquared. The details of the cookies they use and for what purpose is below.


Our site search is provided by Google, a third party provider who do use cookies. Their cookies are typically used to improve search results or provide extra services in the Google family of products.

Any cookies set by Google related to the Team Netsol website will be similar to as if you had used the search engine. For more information on what information Google collect from users and the purpose this information is used for, please read Google's privacy statement.

Statistical Analysis

We use a third party statistics service called GoSquared which allows us to record information about how our website is performing. For example, GoSquared allow us to see which of our pages are popular, allowing us to refine our content elsewhere in order to improve our content and overall experience for users.

The information recorded by GoSquared is not personally identifiable and is used exclusively for analysis of our website. Metrics such as the country you are visiting from and what software you are viewing the site with will be recorded.

The cookies set by GoSquared are as follows.

Cookie Name Purpose
gs_u This is used to identify you for analytical purposes—each user is assigned a unique ID by GoSquared which allows them to know if you've visited the Team Netsol site before. No personally identifiable information is linked to this ID.
gs_p_[ID] This is a cookie used by GoSquared to record how many times you've visited our site previously.

If you wish to opt out of GoSquared's statistics recording, you can disable either cookies or Javascript.

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